Former CIA Officer explains how Trump Dossier is Russian Propaganda

In an Op-Ed for The Daily Caller, former CIA Officer Phillip Giraldi explains how this Dossier is nothing more than Russian Propaganda.

As a former intelligence officer who has seen numerous overseas investigations done for clients, I can say with some confidence that the Steele Dossier is a composite of some fact, a lot of speculation, and even occasional fiction. Some indisputable and confirmable information is inevitably used to provide credibility for a lot of speculation and false stories that were intended to sow doubt and confusion. Gossip and rumors are reported as fact, with the whole product being put together in such a fashion as to appear credible to satisfy a client interested in exploitable information rather than the truth. Including some proper names, which the dossier does occasionally, provides credibility and the FBI’s ability to confirm some of the dates and places regarding travel and meetings provided bona fides for the entire document and resulted in the launching of a top-level law enforcement investigation.


The dossier was designed to dig up “dirt” on Trump and his associates, but, more to the point, it was clearly intended from the start to do so by manufacturing and nurturing a Russian angle. It sought to discredit Donald Trump and to deceive the public, which suggests that Trump has been right all along regarding something like a conspiracy against him which included the active participation of the FBI and possibly other national security agencies.

It is important to take notice on what he is saying here. Of course, the Russians would make sure that a good amount of this Dossier had merit. By putting some innocent interactions that were true in with things that are false you begin to give merit to the false portions of the Dossier.

James Comey offered Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele $50,000 dollars to corroborate the dossier. Steele couldn’t do it.

Report: DNC paid for Russian propaganda targeted to defame Donald Trump

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