$1.7 million dollars spent in Mueller probe went to salaries and benefits

    According to a report released by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office more than half of the money spent has been spent on salaries and benefits. The report also states that the entire probe has cost $3.2 million dollars.


    The details of the expenditures related to Mueller’s investigation were laid out in a copy of the report obtained by The Associated Press, which was subsequently released publicly by the special counsel’s office. The report covers from May 17, the date of Mueller’s appointment, through Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year.

    Mueller’s office says in the report that about $1.7 million was for salary and benefits, and more than $223,000 was spent on travel-related expenses. Despite the international focus of Mueller’s probe, only about $2,800 was spent on actual travel costs. The rest was spent on the relocation of Justice Department employees temporarily assigned to the expanding investigation, the report shows.

    This is just another chip in the armor of the Mueller probe. Why is it that over half of the funding is going to make sure these lawyers are paid big money. Mueller brought in the best, most expensive people he could find. So far the probe is yet to find anything close to collusion and is looking more and more like a waste of money as the days go on.

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