What Happened Joe? In 1983 Biden Claimed FDR’s Supreme Court Packing Was “Bonehead Idea”

Video has resurfaced from Joe Biden in 1983 calling FDR's push to pack the Supreme Court a "bonehead idea". 

Peter Navarro: Economy Is Going To “Crash Hard”

While on the War Room, former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro the economy is going to crash and crash hard.

“Easiest Endorsement That I Made”-Trump Hosts Campaign Event For Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Trump hosted a campaign event for former White House Press Secretary and current candidate for Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

HUGE: Supreme Court Lifts California’s COVID Ban On In-Home Religious Services

The Supreme Court has officially lifted a ban on in-home religious services.

Mike Lindell: We’re Going After Dominion “In The Biggest Way Possible”

While on the War Room Mike Lindell announced he was going to be filing another lawsuit against Dominion and Smartmatic.

New Hampshire Governor Intends To Sign Bill Allowing Voting Machine Audit In Town Of Windham

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) said he plans on signing a bill that will allow an audit of voting machines in the town of Windham.

SORRY JOE: Two Key Dem Senators Come Out Against The Filibuster

Biden's radical agenda just hit a roadblock. 

New Photos of Hunter Biden Emerge…Candance Owens Calls Him Out

Candance Owens blasted Hunter Biden after new photos of him were released.

List Of All Of Trump’s 2022 Endorsements(So Far)

Here is the list of everyone Trump has endorsed for 2022 so far. 

Who Is Really In Charge? Psaki Admits Biden And Obama Talk Often…Won’t Say About What

Biden's press secretary Jenn Psaki admitted that Joe Biden and Barack Obama talk often. 

Mike Lindell: 19 Cyber Attacks From China Flipped 5 States To Biden

According to Mike Lindell, he has evidence that 19 cyber attacks flipped five states from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. 

HERE IT COMES: Biden Creating Commission To Study Packing Supreme Court

Joe Biden has officially signed an executive order to create a commission that will study packing the court.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey May Send National Guard Troops To The Border

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) may send National Guard troops to the border.

Bye-Bye RINOS! Trump To Deliver Keynote Speech At RNC Donor Retreat

Trump is set to give the keynote address at the RNC's spring donor retreat.

“He Fights Against The Swamp”- Trump Endorses GOP Senator Rand Paul

Trump has officially endorsed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for senate. 

Meadows: “Better Than 50-50 Odds” Trump Runs Again…Making All The Necessary Preparations

According to Mark Meadows, former chief of staff for Donald Trump, there is a better than 50-50 chance Trump runs again.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Calls For Texas To Become “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State”

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott (R) has officially called for Texas to become a "2nd Amendment Sanctuary State".

Dems Have Destroyed New York: Beijing Replaces New York As Home Of Most Billionaires

Beijing has replaced New York City as the home of the most billionaires. 

GOP Rep Andy Biggs Introduces Bill To Ban Federal Vaccine Passports

GOP Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) introduced a bill that would bar federal vaccine passports.

More Common Sense: Wyoming Governor Signs Bill Requiring Voter ID

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (R) signed a bill requiring an ID to vote.

Georgia Still Has Not Produced Chain Of Custody Records For Over 355K Vote By Mail Ballots

According to a new report, Georgia still has not produced chain of custody records for over 355,000 mail-in ballots. 

“Bye-Bye Asa”- Trump Hammers RINO GOP Governor

"Bye-Bye Asa"- Trump Hammers RINO GOP Governor

Trump Calls For Ron Johnson To Run For 3rd Term

Trump released a statement calling for GOP Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) to run for a third term. 

MORE GAFFES: Biden Calls The ATF, AFT Twice!

While announcing who his pick to lead the ATF is, Joe Biden called the ATF the AFT. He didn't just do this once. He did it twice.