DISGUSTING: Biden’s DOJ Threatens Navarro With Gag Order – After Exposing Their Tyrannical Acts

Just when you thought the Biden administration couldn’t get any more corrupt – they do.

Biden’s Department of Justice now wants to be a gag order on Peter Navarro to stop him from talking to the media.

From The Daily Mail:

Prosecutors are trying to slap a gag order on Trump adviser Peter Navarro to prevent him creating a ‘carnival atmosphere’ or sharing evidence from a grand jury as he fights charges of contempt of Congress.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors said they wanted to provide Navarro – who says he is having trouble finding a legal team – with the grand jury evidence that led to charges so that he could prepare a defense.

‘The defendant’s extrajudicial statements, however, demonstrate a substantial risk that, without a protective order, the defendant will use non-public discovery for improper purposes instead of to prepare the defense he plans to present before this court,’ wrote the prosecutors.

‘The defendant has demonstrated through his public statements that he intends to litigate the merits of the pending charges in the press,’ they said in the application for a protective order.

This comes after he exposed the tyrannical acts of the Biden administration.

They arrested him in an airport, handcuffed him, put him in leg irons, and threw him in solitary confinement.

Peter Navarro Speaks Out After Arrest – Gives Chilling Details

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