Biden Praises RINO Governor Who Smeared The Unvaccinated

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Yesterday, The Palmieri Report reported on RINO Alabama Governor Kate Ivey smearing those who are not vaccinated. 

RINO Governor Smears The Unvaccinated: “Time To Start Blaming The Unvaccinated Folks”

Now, we have this. 

Joe Biden praised her for the smearing of the unvaccinated and said “A lot of our very conservative friends have finally had an altar call” regarding vaccines.

From Newsweek:

President Joe Biden praised Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on Friday following her remarks about blaming unvaccinated people for the recent surge in cases of COVID-19.

Biden was speaking in Arlington, Virginia in support of Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is seeking a second term in November of this year. He directly referenced Ivey as part of his discussion of the pandemic.


“A lot of our very conservative friends have finally had an altar call. They’ve seen the Lord,” he said.

“Whether it’s on Fox News or whether it’s the most conservative commentators or governors,” Biden said.


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Do you see what is happening here?

The media and Democrats are letting RINOs know that if they push the same agenda as the left they will be praised!

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