The GOP has asked several Obama Deep State memebers to testify regarding the FBI/DOJ abuses.

This is extremely interesting. All of the people asked to testify represent on part of the greater conspiracy to stop Trump that we have covered. I will talk about each.

James Comey:

Comey is the guy behind the leaks, the dossier and of course the special counsel. Due to our analysis of news reports we came to the conclusion that James Comey used a private meeting with Trump to give credence to the reporting of the fake Russiagate story. Comey was also responsible for offering $50,000 dollars to Christopher Steele to confirm the now debunked Dossier that was created regarding Trump-Russia collusion. This never came to be.

Loretta Lynch:

Loretta Lynch is going to be a massive player as well. Her standing in the Obama Administration made her a major power player in the many scandals we have uncovered. One of the major ones is the fact she allowed the Russian lawyer into the country just days before the Trump Tower meeting.

Yates, Simpson, and Papadopoulos are also major keys to exposing what exactly happened but up to this point, I am not going to speculate on what type of information they could deliver.

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