YES! GOP invites Comey, Lynch, and Yates to testify

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The GOP has asked several Obama Deep State memebers to testify regarding the FBI/DOJ abuses. SCOOP: House Republicans probing the FBI/DOJ have sent a new round of interview requests to: -James Comey -Loretta Lynch -Sally Yates -Glenn Simpson -George Papadopoulos The inquiry is ramping up for weeks of highly charged testimony: — Kyle Cheney […]


Judicial Watch sues Sally Yates to obtain Justice Department emails

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According to Politico, Judicial Watch is attempting to obtain emails from Sally Yates during the time she served under President Trump A conservative watchdog group is suing for access to Sally Yates’ emails from her brief but eventful tenure as acting attorney general during the early days of the Trump administration. Judicial Watch filed the Freedom of […]

Sally Yates testimony is nothing more than Democratic propaganda

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Sally Yates is set to testify in front of the Senate committee today at 2:30 pm(eastern time). She is going to testify and claim she warned the Trump administration of Gen. Michael Flynn communications with Russia. Here is why her testimony is nothing more than Democratic propaganda. 1.Trump and Yates have a rocky relationship:  On January […]