Pence stares down North Korea tells them strategic patience is over

Vice President Mike Pence visited the demilitarized zone that is the North Korean/South Korean border.

Pence issued a stern warning to North Korea.

Pence lays out Americas plan for North Korea in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash

Here is a partial transcript from the interview

BASH: You said that the era of strategic patience is over. What does that mean in real terms?

PENCE: It was the policy of the United States of America during prior administrations to practice what they called strategic patience and that was to hope to marshal international support to bring an end to the nuclear ambitions and the ballistic missile program of North Korea.

That clearly has failed, and the advent of nuclear weapons testing, the development of a nuclear program, even this weekend, to see another attempt at a ballistic missile launch, all confirms the fact that strategic patience has failed.

BASH: But what does it mean to end it in practical terms? It’s either use military force or find a diplomatic solution that has eluded all of your predecessors.

PENCE: Well, I think as the president’s made clear that we’re abandon the failed policy of strategic patience, but we’re going to redouble our efforts to bring economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea. Our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably. And I know the president was heartened by I had discussions with President Xi. We’ve seen China begin to take some actions to bring pressure on North Korea, but there needs to be more.

It is clear that North Korea’s days are numbered if Kim Jong-un continues pushing President Trump’s buttons. No longer will America sit by and watch them gain nuclear power. No longer will America sit by and watch North Korea fire missiles at Japan.

Trump’s plan for North Korea is pretty simple. We don’t want war but if there is no other option he has no issue taking care of them.

Watch Pence stare down North Korea:


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