Trump’s approval rating jumps to 50%

    After falling all the way down to 42% Donald Trump’s approval rating has skyrocketed back up to 50%.  These numbers come from a recent Rasmussen poll.

    The increase clearly comes from Trump’s largely successful actions in foreign policy over the last week. Not only did he drop a MOAB killing likely over 100 ISIS insurgents with zero civilian casualties but he also has turned the tide on North Korea. After his meeting with XI Jinping China has taken a much more Pro-American stance when dealing with North Korea.

    Many people will attempt to compare Trump’s numbers to other past Presidents approval ratings in an effort to downplay this news. What they won’t explain to you is the idea that these polls are notorious for oversampling Democrats. What they won’t explain to you is that Trump is attacking the establishment like no other President ever has.

    Donald Trump is somehow back at 50% approval even with the extreme MSM lying about him every chance they get.

    Keep sticking to your mission President Trump and we will continue to support you.

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