Tariq Nasheed tries to change narrative in Steve Stephens killings, blames whites

Tariq Nasheed took to twitter yesterday to respond to the actions of Steve Stephens. Steve Stephens is the killer who claimed to kill 15 people on Easter Sunday one of which was streamed live on facebook(Article on it here).

Now his first tweet puts the blame directly where it belongs, on Steve Stephens.

First tweet:

Nothing wrong with this tweet on its own. He rightfully calls out the scum that is Steve Stephens. The issue in this tweet is within the first four words. “All my Cleveland people”. When he refers to “All my Cleveland people” he is referring to one group. That group is anyone with black skin. We know this from the tweets that followed this one.

Random angry armed people walking around Cleveland are only a threat to blacks? With it clearly getting darker outside there is a chance that a person of any race could be mistaken and hurt. Tariq doesn’t care about those people.

With no evidence, he automatically declares there are white supremacists roaming the streets. Also, those White Supremacists are using this to kill random black people. This is your classic let’s blame white people spin job that we see far too often.

Tariq’s tweets are about as misleading as they get. We know right now that Steve picked his victims at random. We know he claimed to have killed at least 12 other people. Those 12 other people could have had any skin color. Also, this is Tariq attempting to blame whites and take people’s eyes off the real issues at hand. That issue is the increase in black on black crime in America. It is an issue that is saddening and steps need to be taken to fix this issue. The problem comes when people who claim to be the voices of these communities blame white’s instead of the actual issue.

Tariq if you truly want to bring the body count down (as his twitter bio states) then start attacking the problem and stop making excuses.

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