DISGRACE: Biden Didn’t Mention COVID Origins On Call With Xi–Gordon Chang Explains Why

Biden is one of the weakest Presidents in history.

It has now been revealed that Biden didn’t mention COVID at all during his nearly four-hour call with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Gordon Chang, Biden didn’t bring it up because if he did he would have to hold China accountable.

From Newsmax:

President Joe Biden didn’t bring up the topic about the origins of COVID-19 during his three-and-a-half hour conversation with China’s President Xi Jinping because that would mean he’d have to do something about holding the rival country accountable, China expert Gordon Chang said on Newsmax Tuesday.

“Biden didn’t want to discuss it during their two-hour phone call in February,” Chang said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “I’m sure it didn’t come up in their September call … they say, well, we don’t want to veer into conflict, but you know, conflicts are not preceded by an absence of communication. They’re preceded by communication of the type we had last night for 3.5 hours.”

According to a White House readout about the lengthy conversation between Biden and Xi, they discussed several topics, including trade, human rights, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, a free and open Indo-Pacific, health security, the climate crisis, and global energy supplies. The release, however, does not mention any conversation about COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Chang said that the conversation involved maintaining relations while Beijing “kills Americans with coronavirus, with fentanyl.”

Remember this when Bident tries to play tough for the cameras:

Biden May Announce Diplomatic Boycott Of Beijing Olympics–Yet Has Done Nothing On COVID Origin

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