Biden May Announce Diplomatic Boycott Of Beijing Olympics–Yet Has Done Nothing On COVID Origin

According to multiple Biden administration officials, Biden is likely to announce a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

Although, the report did state that it is still be decided.

From Zero Hedge:

The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin has cited multiple US administration officials who say President Biden will soon announce a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics – which coming off the “respectful” and “candid” Monday night virtual summit with China’s Xi Jinping will prove a hugely symbolic affront sure to again evoke fury from Beijing.

According to Rogin, and with the Beijing Games just three months away, the announcement will come “sooner rather than later,” which will involve a declaration that “neither President Biden nor any other US government officials will attend the Beijing Games.” Rogin underscores that “This diplomatic boycott is intended, the sources say, as a way to respond to the Chinese government’s human rights abuses without impacting U.S. athletes.”

So essentially the move stops far short of any real or total US boycott of the games, instead US leaders – including Congressional members – will be barred by Washington from attending, while the US will be fully represented in terms of athletes competing with no hindrance.

However, The Washington Post cautions that a final decision has yet to ultimately be made: “Although the administration technically has not finalized this decision, a formal recommendation has been made to the president and he is expected to approve it before the end of the month, administration sources confirmed.”

This is another meaningless showpiece from the Biden administration.

They want to look tough on China even though Biden is weak.

Biden is caving to China on COVID and has done nothing to hold them accountable.

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