FRENCH IMAM! Show solidarity over Notre Dame but don’t financially help out

A French Imam told a group of Muslims that they should show solidarity with Christians over Notre Dame but that they shouldn’t donate to the rebuilding of it.


An Imam in France told Muslims not to donate to the rebuilding of Notre Dame, asking those who do, “you have no shame?”

During the lecture, the Imam asserted that only Christians should donate to the cause, “Because it’s the symbol of their religion, and not the symbol of Muslims.”

He went on to complain that his words would be twisted but openly discouraged Muslims from donating to the rebuild anyway.

“When I hear a Muslim instance to ask Muslims to contribute [financially] in the reconstruction of the cathedral! There! That’s the straw! There we stop!” said the Imam.

In 48 hours a billion euros were collected. The solidarity. Very well. But you — the so called Muslim example, who is representing Muslims — you have no shame? You have no humiliation? You have no common sense? You have no wisdom?” he asked.

The Imam went on to say that Muslims who do donate should be ridiculed because the money would be better spent on building and maintaining mosques.

It is troubling that he is worried about them donating at all. Why is he trying to tell his followers not to donate to these causes? I could understand why one wouldn’t donate due to a religious difference but openly telling people not to is a major difference.


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