Only 913 refugees were admitted to US in August, 15 year-low

According to refugee admissions into the United States have hit a 15 year low.

Nine hundred and thirteen refugees were admitted to the United States during August, the first time the monthly intake has dropped below one thousand in 15 years, and the smallest number of monthly admissions since October 2002.

August’s arrivals followed a pattern evident since the start of the Trump administration – a declining proportion of Muslims in comparison to Christians and adherents of other faiths.

Of the 913 refugees admitted during the month, 551 (60.3 percent) were Christians, with the biggest groups including 185 Pentecostalists from Ukraine and 53 Baptists, also from Ukraine.

A significantly smaller group, 220 (24.1 percent) were Muslims, including 48 Sunnis from Iraq and 47 from Syria.

The remaining 142 (15.5 percent) were unaffiliated or from other religions, and included 43 Buddhists and 36 Hindus, mostly from Bhutan.

This is Trump once again nailing on one of his major campaign promises. His promise to secure our border and limit the amount refugee’s we take in was one his base takes very seriously.

Below is a chart that shows us the decline since Trump took office:


Although Trump’s Travel Ban is still up in the air his rhetoric and strong policy stance has allowed him to take major steps forward in accomplishing one his major campaign promises.


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