Saudi Crown Prince Takes Shot At Biden

Joe Biden is viewed as a joke worldwide.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman took a shot at Biden saying he couldn’t care less if Biden understands him or not.  This is him saying he doesn’t care what Biden thinks.

He also warned Biden to stay out of the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia.

From Zero Hedge:

Last week, geopolitical pundits were struck after three middle-eastern power brokers – among them one of the closest US allies in the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia which not too long ago rejected US appeals to pump more oil, signed onto an Arab League statement that did not condemn Russia and instead called for diplomacy, an avoidance of escalation and consideration of the humanitarian situation. We now know why.

In a recent interview in The Atlantic, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MbS) was asked some tough questions concerning the Biden administration’s taking a harder line on the kingdom and MbS personally compared to when Trump was in office.

In particular the murder and dismemberment of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi has brought MbS under continued international scrutiny, albeit for the most part global elites started cozying up to Riyadh again by a mere year out from the October 2018 gruesome killing at the consulate in Istanbul. Biden himself had previously said he would make the crown prince “a pariah” in global opinion.

And perhaps even more interesting was his response when asked about the deteriorated relationship with the Biden White House, and whether he thinks Biden “understands” him. “Simply, I do not care,” the crown prince said, and explained that it is up to Biden “to think about the interests of America.”

“We don’t have the right to lecture you in America,” he said. “The same goes the other way.”

He also warned Washington not to “interfere” in the kingdom’s internal affairs, which also comes after years ago a high level CIA investigation named bin Salman as the top Saudi government figure that likely ordered the Khashoggi assassination:

The de facto ruler of the world’s top oil exporter, known as MbS, also warned the United States not to interfere in the internal affairs of the absolute monarchy.

Leaders around the world view Biden as a laughingstock – they don’t take him seriously at all!

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