Exclusive: Comey likely leaker behind WaPo Carter Page Story

    Just a few hours ago The Washington Post released an article stating that Carter Page was interviewed for more than 10 hours by the FBI while Comey was still in charge of the investigation.

    FBI agents have repeatedly questioned former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page about his contacts with Russians and his interactions with the Trump campaign, according to people familiar with the investigation.

    Over a series of five meetings in March, totaling about 10 hours of questioning, Page repeatedly denied wrongdoing when asked about allegations that he may have acted as a kind of go-between for Russia and the Trump campaign, according to a person familiar with Page’s account.

    The interviews with the FBI are the most extensive known questioning of a potential suspect in the probe of possible Russian connections to associates of President Trump. The questioning of Page came more than a month before the Russian investigation was put under the direction of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

    Page confirmed Monday that the interviews occurred, calling them “extensive discussions.” He declined to say if he’s spoken to investigators since the March interviews.

    Now, Page has made it clear that he has done nothing wrong. He has also claimed that he was illegally spied on by the Obama administration. As we have reported the fake Russian Dossier was used to acquire a warrant on Carter Page. Since then Democrats have blocked his ability to testify publicly.  The WaPo report also points out that Page denies any wrongdoing.

    He said the FBI agents “acknowledged that I’m a loyal American veteran but indicated that their management was concerned that I did not believe the conclusions” of a Jan 6. U.S. intelligence report describing Russian government interference in the U.S. election. “Our frank and open conversations gave me confidence that there are still logical, honest individuals at the Bureau who respect civil rights and the Constitution,’’ he said.

    As he has for months, Page said the accusations against him are lies spread by supporters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, aimed at weakening the Trump administration.

    Because it is against the law for an individual to lie to FBI agents about a material issue under investigation, many lawyers recommend their clients not sit for interviews with the bureau without a lawyer present. Page said he spoke without a lawyer and wasn’t concerned about the risks because he told the truth.

    Now, what the actual story contains is nothing new. Everybody knows that Carter Page would be questioned. Everybody knows that he would deny involvement.

    What I am now reporting is something I have not seen come from any other news outlet. We are reporting that James Comey is likely the leaker behind this story. Last Thursday The Daily Mail reported that Comey was spotted going into the New York Times building. Immediatedly Pro-Trump media covered the story and it didn’t take long for journalists at the New York Times to deny the story.

    Now, Comey attending an event doesn’t mean he didn’t visit the newsroom. The New York Times story gets shady when you look at what one of Comey’s closest friends said the day after Comey’s appearance. Read the story here.

    We can now look back to the sourcing of The Washington Post report. They claim their sourcing is “according to people familiar with the investigation.” and “according to a person familiar with Page’s account.” Comey fits into both of these categories. Here are the two ways Comey may have leaked this information.

    1. Comey leaked through a friend:

    As we saw with his Memo’s, Comey likely could have leaked this information through a friend. As we point out earlier in the article one of Comey’s close friends Ben Wittes has claimed a bombshell report was coming. There is no doubt in my mind that this report will be the beginning of a Mainstream media witchhunt into Carter Page’s ties to Russia. They will claim he may have “turned his back” on Trump and that he gave him up to the FBI. That will be proven false once Carter Page is forced to testify under oath.

    2. Comey himself leaked the story:

    It wouldn’t shock me if Comey leaked this story to the New York Times and, in an effort to save face, they handed the story to The Washington Post to print. If Comey was caught sourcing more articles for any news outlet it would destroy the legitimacy of the claims made.

    At this point, it is clear that Comey was the main leaker of the information surrounding Carter Page. I fully expect this to be the beginning of more stories sourced by either Comey himself or people close to Comey.



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