WELP: Congress job approval at 8%!

    I love when I hear members of Congress bash Trump for his low approval rating. I love it because they seem to be completely uninformed about what their own approval rating is.

    From The Daily Mirror:

    President Trump’s approval numbers may be under water, but he’s significantly more popular than House Speaker Paul Ryan or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

    A new poll by The Economist finds Trump with a 39 percent “favorable” rating, with 23 percent holding a “very favorable” view of the president, and 16 percent “somewhat favorable.”

    Forty-five percent say they have a “very unfavorable” view of Trump.

    While Democrats and some Congressional Republicans may be reassured by Trump’s relatively low numbers, leaders of both parties fair significantly worse in the poll taken August 27-29.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is held in a “very favorable” light by only 6 percent of poll respondents, and a combined 26 percent view him positively.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fairs even worse.

    A combined 18 percent of Americans view him favorably.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s numbers aren’t any better than Ryan’s.

    Only 7 percent hold a “very favorable” view of her, while 19 percent hold a “somewhat favorable” view, totaling 26 percent.

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ratings are a little better — he’s viewed favorably by a combined 29 percent of respondents.

    The poll also finds only 8 percent of Americans approve of how Congress is handling its job, with a meager 3 percent saying they “strongly approve.”

    Only 7 percent of Republicans “strongly approve” of the job the Republican-led Congress is doing, and a combined 20 percent do so.

    So, what do these numbers show us? These numbers show us that the American people have very little trust for the government as it curreblty stands. They are tired of the corruption in Washington and the lack of results out of Washington. This is amazing news for Trump. Trump’s entire agenda rests on who is in congress. With the American people not satisfied with the current elected officials they will turn to new people. Those people will be Pro-Trump Republicans. Trump has brilliantly laid out his strategy for pushing his agenda for the long haul. It’s pretty simple, he puts blame on congress, gets the never-Trumpers voted out and gets his people put in. Once that happens nothing will stop Trump from pushing his agenda and truly Making America Great Again.

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