NYU Professor embarrasses herself and freaks out at Police Officers over Gavin McInnes

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJa_s_2QX_c]
    I have now watched this video about 30 times. Every time getting a little more upset. The lady in the video is a Professor at New York University. Someone who is in charge of teaching America’s next generation of young adults. She clearly is unfit to do that job. My issue is not with her protesting Gavin McInnes. My issue is not that she used colorful language. My issue is where she directed her rhetoric. The Police Officers shown in this video were simply doing their job. They were protecting The First Amendment rights of Gavin McInnes. The same rights that this “Professor” supposedly says she stands for. She cusses at the Officers telling them how awful they are. Explaining to them how wrong they are for protecting Gavin McInnes and branding him a Nazi. Telling them they are wrong to do their job. I would love to ask her these questions. Next time you protest should the Police not come to protect you? Should they not give you a safe area to uphold your First Amendment rights? Considering I can almost guarantee she would want the Polices protection I find her actions quite hypocritical. Her actions promote an anti-police ideology that is despicable and one of the biggest issues in our society today. NYU should watch this video and fire this “Professor” for her actions. It is time we stand up for the Police Officers who put their lives on the line everyday to make this country safer. It is time we hold people who promote an unfair anti-police agenda accountable for their actions. The firing of the “Professor” shown in the video above would be a great place to start.

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