U.S Marine reveals truth about areas impacted by Trumps travel ban

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTXN2p3qVRg]

    This U.S Marine tells it better than anyone ever could. This U.S Marine is someone who served our country and is currently still fighting overseas. He deals with the very refugees we have been debating about every day. He has dealt with them first hand and understands the dangerous people that are amongst them. Now don’t take what he says and misconstrue it. He is not saying everyone from these areas are terrorists or that they are all bad people. He is simply stating that the ideology in these areas is one of hate for the United States.

    The social framework and education system in these countries teaches them hate for the United States and for the western world. I love this is an actual eyewitness account of what is going on in that part of the world and to caution that, among the good people, there are terrorists who want to bring harm to our country and citizens.   I believe in letting in the ones who want to help our country and to seek a better life but I also realize the steps that it takes to protect American citizens from those who wish to bring harm to us. We need to look at each of them and make sure their stories check out and to make sure they have not become radicalized. We need to educate many of them on what the goals of the United States are and begin to mend any trust issues. We cannot do any of that until the people who don’t have America’s best interest in mind have been dealt with. Some people seem to think that this world is just butterflies and rainbows and are as naïve as it gets in terms of national security and the threats we face every day that we may never know about. So thank you to this brave marine to have the courage to explain what type of situations we are dealing with in these countries even if the backlash is one that has already begun to be severe.

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