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    I have changed the focus of this blog and my intentions for it. My initial purpose for this blog was to portray my thoughts on sports with a hint of political articles coming out. I have reversed this notion going forward. I will still produce sports content but my main focus (at least for the time being) is going to be me touching on political issues and correcting the errors that we see in the mainstream media today. Now I do not believe all members of the media are bias. I do not believe any news organization from top to bottom is bias. My issues stem from the many members of the media who declare objectivity and yet display an extreme bias. They don’t come right out and lie but they pick and choose what facts they want to use in their writing. They also use headings that don’t represent what actually happened at the event (I.e UC Berkeley riots). Many of these members of the media come from the New York Times and CNN. We also see the Huffington Post-release some questionable articles but at least they don’t declare objectivity.  I may produce an article diving further into this idea at some point but it will take a while to get all of the examples into one cohesive article. In short, my goal is to not only comment on the things these major institutions print but to bring attention to things they decide not to cover but deserved to be covered. My goal is not to be liked by everyone who reads my work. My goal is not to go along with popular opinion if popular opinion is wrong. If you disagree I’d love to hear about it. If you agree with me I’d love to hear about. My goal is to say the things many believe but are scared to say. My goal is to attack the corruption in American media today and to bring attention to just how corrupt it is. I am excited to begin my journey through this and I will not stop until I have completed my task. No matter how long it will take.

    If you have any news article you’d like me to comment on you can reach me at any of the places below.

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