NOLTE BOMB! 13 debunked leftist Climate Claims

Breitbart’s John Nolte listed 13 Climate claims made by the left that turned out to be nothing but hoaxes.


This is how old I am. … Old enough to remember being told that by now…

  1. We would be living through a new Ice Age by the year 2000.
  2. We would all die when the ozone layer disappeared.
  3. The oceans would be dead.
  4. Global Cooling would destroy the world.
  5. Acid rain would destroy our forests.
  6. Overpopulation would result in worldwide famine.
  7. We would deplete our natural resources.
  8. We would run out of oil.
  9. The polar ice caps would melt.
  10. Manhattan would be underwater.
  11. People who live in cities will have to wear gas masks.
  12. Nitrogen buildup will make the land unusable.
  13. “Decaying organic pollutants would use up all of the oxygen in America’s rivers, causing freshwater fish to suffocate.”

This is a very important argument when discussing Climate Change. The left claims that you must do everything they say regarding Climate Change because well science. They never want to hear any dissent within the community, which there is plenty of but that argument usually ends in having gone nowhere. However, showcasing how the leftist pushed science conclusions having been wrong before might turn some heads into the realm of truth.

The bottom line is that we struggle to predict next day weather don’t buy claims that someone can predict the earth’s overall temperature next year let alone ten years from now.

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