ANALYSIS: Did James Comey collude with the MSM so they’d cover Pissgate Dossier?

On Thursday James Comey’s memos were leaked to AP. As expected they were like a boomerang and only hurt Comey. However, one major part that I feel has not been covered properly is CNN wanting to cover the dossier and James Comey knowing this.


“I said media like CNN had them and were looking for a news hook,” Comey wrote in his memo, adding that he told the president that the information in the dossier was in “many hands.”

Comey’s memos were released to the public on Thursday, with some classified information redacted.

Comey explained to Trump that he had to brief him about the allegations so that the media could not accuse the FBI of keeping it from the president.

According to Comey, Trump said that he could not believe that CNN had not published the fake allegations already.

“I said that it was inflammatory stuff that they would get killed for reporting straight up from the source reports,” Comey noted after the meeting.

After the meeting, CNN broke the news that intelligence officials had informed Trump of the dossier information, describing it as “allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.”

Alright, so this is extremely odd. How in the world did James Comey know that CNN wanted to cover this Dossier? How did he know that they were looking for a hook to cover this Dossier? I’ll explain to you how. Using common sense we can come to the conclusion that the media was hammering him with questions on it. The media was hammering the FBI and the intelligence agencies with questions on it. This is the only way Comey would know these outlets had the dossier and that they would want to cover it. We can now move to the hook idea. Obviously, anti-Trump media was foaming at the mouth to cover this dossier. Comey admits this. Comey also admits that they need a hook to cover the story. This is where I become skeptical. Isn’t it weird that they end up getting that very hook after Comey met with Trump? I have no sourcing on this but it seems pretty clear to me what happened. Comey made sure to give the Mainstream Media a hook into this story because he wanted to take down Trump. Remeber Comey couldn’t verify the Dossier even though he tried.

Here is a write up from Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller who had a slightly different analysis.



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