Chris Cuomo Gets New Job – Now Working For NewsNation

Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo has gotten a new job after his firing. He will now be working for NewsNation.

Cuomo said he believes political coverage needs to be less biased.

From NBC News:

The former CNN anchor, who was fired in December from the network, is joining NewsNation. The outfit is owned by Nexstar Media, which owns television stations across the United States.

Cuomo on Tuesday appeared on NewsNation and spoke with anchor Dan Abrams in what was touted as Cuomo’s first media interview since leaving CNN last year.

In his comments, Cuomo said he believes there should be more middle-of-the-road political coverage because “this binary system is killing us.”

“And the media is trapped in it very often. You can’t be criticizing the game that you are a part of,” he said.

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