NFL Wild Card ratings down big since last year

According to a new report from Sports Illustrated, the ratings for the NFL’s Wild Card weekend were way down.

Sports Illustrated:

The NFL had a disastrous weekend when it came to ratings. Numbers have been down all season and it was more of the same for the wild-card games. The biggest surprise was that the best game (Panthers-Falcons) had the biggest decrease year over year. Yes, markets were a big factor, but that was a competitive and entertaining game. Here’s the breakdown:

Titans-Chiefs (14.7) was down 11 percent versus last year’s Raiders-Texans game.

Falcons-Rams (14.9) was down 10 percent versus last year’s Lions-Seahawks game.

Bills-Jaguars (17.2) was down 10 percent versus last year’s Dolphins-Steelers game.

Panthers-Saints (20.4) was down 21 percent versus last year’s Giants-Packers game.

Now, if you follow sports as well you will recognize that this year’s games are much better than the ones from last year. The Giants vs Packers was likely the biggest game and the ratings certainly show that. With that being said the rest of them are better or comparable to the ones from last year. Even though these games were better the ratings are still down and down big. 10-20% is not a small drop and its tough to say these games were 10-20% worse than Donald Trump.

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