Biden Under Investigation For Border Wall Funding Freeze

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The Biden Administration is currently under investigation over the halting of Border Wall funding.

From Politico:

On his first day in office, Biden hit pause on billions of dollars set to be spent on his predecessor’s long-touted barrier between the U.S. and Mexico while his administration figured out next steps for the money. Now the Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether the new president broke the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow, the federal watchdog confirmed this week.

An unfavorable ruling from GAO would bolster Republicans in branding Biden as a rule-breaker as they blame him for the surge of migrants and unaccompanied children at the southern border. The pause on spending “directly contributed” to that flood of border crossers, Senate Republicans said in their plea last week for GAO to opine on the issue.

Biden’s halting of the Border Wall funding has been a complete disaster.

It has made Americans less safe and cost Americans jobs.

From Trending Politics: 

While speaking with Fox News, Russell Johnson spoke about what Team Biden’s actions to reverse the Trump administration’s immigration policies have done.

Johnson made note of Biden’s decision to halt construction on the border wall, which has left a “gaping” hole leading right onto Johnson’s property.

“Living down here on the border, you can’t live in fear,” the rancher said.

“The way everything’s going nowadays with the new policies put forth by this administration, it’s making things a lot more difficult and a lot more unsafe in our area,” Johnson added.

“We have a three-quarter-mile gap,” Johnson said, “and they’re exploiting this. We don’t have the unaccompanied minors coming to our area. What we have is a criminal element.”

The Biden Administration knows this was a dumb move but they don’t care. This entire administration is just about appealing to their radical base.

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