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    When Trump picked Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor he received a lot of flak from the left. They pointed at him and said he is a conspirator; he has a bad case of Islamophobia! They did this because, well, that’s what the Democrats do best. They use big words like these to scare people who want to hate Trump and try to delegitimize every move he makes. Luckily for us, Americans, neither Trump nor Flynn are bothered by their petty attempts. As I searched news on the internet last night I stumbled across an article by the New York Post. This article touched on Flynn’s plan to destroy Radical Islam that is beginning to grow all over the world. (If you want to read Flynn’s word for word take I posted a link to the article at the end of my post). The gist of his plan is this, we need to EDUCATE people in these regions. We need to use social media as well as our military prowess to defeat not just the jihadist but to destroy the mental ideology they have created in many areas in the world. My favorite quote from him was this

    “We can’t win this war by treating Radical Islamic terrorists as a handful of crazies and dealing with them as a policing issue,” he writes. “The political and theological underpinnings of their immoral actions have to be demolished.”

     (The excerpt above is from his book “The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies”)

    This is actually the type of thinking we need in The White House. Killing these Terrorist does not stop the spread of their message. Bombing the cities, they have dominion in is only helping them spread their anti-west rhetoric. How would you feel if you are going through your day and next thing you know something from the sky dropped a bomb that blew up half of your city? It doesn’t matter what country dropped them bomb because these people are taught that all these countries are enemies of Islam. ISIS currently holds great power in many regions all over the world. Their strongest points are in Syria and Iraq.


    The picture above shows a map of Syria and parts of Iraq. As you look at the key on the right we can tell what areas are controlled by ISIS as they control the regions we see in black. What is dangerous about these regions is that these ISIS members do not live amongst people in hiding. These ISIS members control almost everything in these communities. They pave roads, bring in food for the poor, control the money and, worst of all, are in charge of education. They use textbooks that they took from Saudi Arabia. These textbooks are no longer used in Saudi Arabia because the U.N looked at them and saw just how bad these textbooks were. They talk about the killing of non-Muslims and that the killing of westerners is a good thing. They are brainwashing the young of these areas hoping to have them join the fight. ISIS has already succeeded in acquiring the Islamic State they hoped for. They have created a caliphate in these regions and are going to continue to spread it if we do not put a stop to it. There are a lot of good people in these regions. It is time we save them from these regions not by letting them into our country without proper vetting but by beginning to educate the people in these regions and to stabilize the regions they live in.

    I finally have hope we are going to put a dent in the Radical Islam ideology we see in these regions. At this point, just boots on the ground will not work because they have too much control in these areas. We finally have an administration that realizes just how to defeat these radicals and their vile ideology. We finally have an administration that understands that trying to hide terrorism doesn’t work. So I thank you, Mr. Trump, for once again not making the “popular” choice but making the right choice.

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