ISIS is amongst refugees in Minnesota

I’m not sure how many more things can come out that prove the need for Trump’s temporary travel ban. This interview told us a few things. First, ISIS is looking to infiltrate the refugee process and come into this country. The second is that we have already let in some of these refugees as some of them have gone back home to help these organizations maintain control. The funny part is that, in this interview, Sen. Al Franken gets caught with his pants down. He tries to divert blame and continue the Trump hate train by completely changing the subject. He starts joking about a four-year-old girl trying to come to America and makes the joke “she has been vetted for five years”. He is trying to convince us that this innocent girl can’t pose any danger to us.   That shows just how ignorant these politicians have become. We have seen on multiple occasions that these extremists will use anything at their disposal to reach their goals. The video below is from the New York Post which shows two parents sending their kids off to do Jihad. I warn you it is heartbreaking.


As you can see these parents are scum. We also see that these extremist do not care who dies in the name of Jihad.

I do feel sorry for this 4-year-old girl. I’m sure one day she and her family will be a great addition to America. I’m sure the family she already has in this country is full of great people. At the same time, we can’t let emotions get in the way of common sense. We must make sure only the right people get into this country and this is just another piece of evidence proving that we have not been doing a very good job of that.

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