Was Israel Going To Pull Their Ambassador Like France?

The Biden Administration was embarrassed by France as they pulled their ambassadors from the United States.

WOW: France Recalls Ambassadors To U.S. And Australia

It seems that a second country may have been on the brink of pulling their ambassador.

According to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, Israel was on the brink of pulling their ambassador to the United States.

This came after the US almost cut funding from Israel’s Iron Dome.

The Israeli Embassy spokesman claimed that this was false.

However, Posobiec had reciepts.

He tweeted out an image of the tip he received from a White House official:


He then tweeted out the Dems saying they would fund the Iron Dome.

This was only 33 minutes after Posobiec got from his source that Israel may remove their ambassador to the US:


At this point we have he said she said.

Although, if we are looking at track record it seems trusting Posobiec on this would be wise.

We will update this as we learn more…

Things are heating up in Washington.

Keep your eye on the battle between the Progressives and moderate Dems.

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