Starbucks contradicts own social views with sexism in the Middle East

Well, once again we see a story that the mainstream media won’t touch due to the fact it isn’t pushing its anti-trump narrative any further. Sadly, as I look through google none of the mainstream outlets even laid a finger on this story. I mean at least write something attempting to disprove this right? We have to go to more right wing sources to find anything on the story and I usually don’t even like using those sources to write my articles because well I want to make sure what I’m writing is factually correct. So I did some further research. I looked through the original tweets sent out, studied the pictures and videos of this and have come to the conclusion that this is a very true story. I’ll begin by showing you the issue at hand.


The picture above is of a sign on the front door of a Starbucks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The sign clearly reads “PLEASE NO ENTRY FOR LADIES ONLY SEND YOUR DRIVER TO ORDER THANK YOU” For you that are still confused this means WOMEN are not allowed in the Starbucks and only MEN (Since only Men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia) can go in. Well, there must be some sort of explanation correct? This is the same company that has participated in anti-trump rhetoric since the beginning and boasted its hiring of 10,000 refugees after Trump’s announcement of his refugee ban. Well, their response is quite comical.


I have seen a lot of store renovations during my 19 years on this earth but this is the first time I have ever seen those renovations only affect one gender. I love the politically correct response “Now accepts all customers in accordance with local law”. Well, Saudi Arabia is one of the most sexist countries in the world. Having Laws in place that don’t allow them to drive, swim or even file complaints to the police. This is a beautiful way for them to step around the issue and members of the public who don’t want to believe the story can accept that as an excuse. Of course, since they were confronted on this issue by Manar N they have covered their tracks. Somehow this will not be covered by any mainstream news sources and somehow the feminist/anti-trump crowd will push this clear hypocrisy under the rug. I found one CNN article on this and it failed to really even point out the issues we see with this. I find it coincidental that a Pro-Hilary supporter like CEO Howard Schultz would preach equality in America and yet allow his company to practice the complete opposite in areas outside of America. So does he only care about equality because it helps business in America? Does he allow inequality in these other regions because it helps his business in those regions? I don’t have the answer, but it is certainly a question we should be asking. Now I’m not going to go to the extreme and say “Never buy Starbucks again” but just remember next time you order that Frappuccino Mocha Latte with a cherry on top, you may not be supporting the saint you thought they were.

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