Joey Salads effortlessly shows us the hypocrisy behind refugee protest

    Thank You, Joey Salads for proving what all of us “righties” have been saying for quite some time now. Sure everybody wants to claim that they care about refugees and that they care about helping people but when they actually have the chance to do so they have some sort of excuse. Joey Salads went to LAX where there were protestors protesting Trump’s refugee plan. He asked all of them if they would take in a refugee and conveniently each one had an excuse that outdid the last one. If you’re going to claim, you care about the rights of others so much be sure when the opportunity arises you are ready to act on that claim. As usual, though everyone wants to protest and hold up signs but when it comes to actually getting something done they are nowhere to be found. Why this video wasn’t more widely covered I’m not sure. Why this wasn’t looked into as a news story I’m not sure but there is no way I could not share this with all of you.

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