Georgia House Set To Pass Bill Strengthening Election Integrity

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The Georgia House is set to pass a bill strengthening the integrity of the elections that take place in the state.

From CNN:

The GOP-led Georgia House is expected on Thursday to approve a sweeping election bill that would limit voting rights by imposing restrictions like an ID requirement for absentee voting in a state that was key in determining control of the White House and Senate.

The passage of SB 202, three days before the end of the 2021 legislative session, will inch the bill one step closer to becoming law as the GOP-led state Legislature hopes to successfully make election changes, part of a national Republican effort that aims to restrict access to the ballot box following record turnout in the November election.

The bill was amended in the House and will need to pass each chamber again after conference. Final passage is expected next week, right before the legislative session is set to end.

The legislation would limit drop boxes to inside of early voting locations during voting hours, make giving food or drinks to a voter a misdemeanor, allow for unlimited challenges to voter registrations and eligibility, set up a fraud hotline, and require counties to keep counting ballots without a break in between. It would also shorten the runoff cycle from the current nine weeks to just four weeks.

This was much needed.

Georgia was one of the worst states in the 2020 election.

The corruption went all the way to the Governor’s mansion.

Chain of custody was an issue.

Secret voting was an issue.

Signature matching was an issue.

Late-night ballot drops were an issue.

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