Trump In Talks With App Vendors For His Own Social Media Network

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On March 21st we learned that Trump would be starting his own social media network.

From Forbes:

On Sunday, spokesman Jason Miller told Fox News that Trump would launch his own social media network in about “two to three months,” touting it as “the hottest ticket in social media.” Trump confirmed the news a day later, while offering no details on his plans. “I’m doing things having to do with putting our own platform out there that you’ll be hearing about soon,” he said, appearing on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe,” a right-leaning podcast.

We now have more information on it.

Trump is in talks with existing app vendors to develop his own social media network.

From New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly mulling a partnership with existing app vendors to develop his own social media network.

One of the vendors under consideration by Trump is a relatively new app called FreeSpace, three sources told Axios.

FreeSpace, which launched on Apple and Google’s app stores on Feb. 1, includes many of the features of established social media networks, the report said.

The platform allows users to create personal profiles, has a public “Activity Wall” and “rooms” for group messaging.

Earlier today, we reported that Trump would not be going back on Twitter even if he was unbanned:

Trump Associate: “No Chance” Trump Rejoins Twitter

This is going to shake up Big Tech and in a big way.

Trump and his allies have the resources to take on Big Tech.

They also have the base of people to do it.

As soon as this launches millions will flock to it.

It will become a place where freedom of speech is allowed and real debate can take place.

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