Georgia: Massive Spike In Biden Votes During Suitcasegate

Vote tabulation data shows a massive spike in votes for Joe Biden during the time poll workers were told to leave yet some stayed behind to count votes for two hours.

This is just another example of how bombshell this video is.

It raises a lot of questions:

Why is it that the most votes were tabulated during this time?

Why was it that they were so overwhelmingly for Biden?

There seems to be enough votes cast during this time to flip the state.

Video footage from a Georgia Tabulation center has been released showing suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from under the table after poll workers were told to leave by supervisors.

Ballots were then counted.

More on it:

National Pulse:

Despite orders for poll watchers to depart the counting facility, four individuals stayed behind to pull the suitcases out from underneath the table and continued counting the contents inside.

The video, according to the individual explaining the footage during the Georgia Senate Judiciary subcommittee election hearing, shows that the same person who hid the four suitcases ordered poll watchers to leave “under the pretense that we’re going to stop counting.”

Looks like the no evidence of fraud crowd is in trouble.

Every day we get better and better evidence.

Key Points:

-Ballots in Georgia were hidden in suitcases

-Ballots were counted after Poll Workers were told to leave by supervisors

-The estimated votes counted would be enough to overturn the election(According to the commentator)

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