Donald Trump’s CPAC speech was about as Trump as it gets

    Trump’s CPAC speech was exactly what we would have expected. It began with his attack of the media and touched on every major campaign promise he made. The beginning moments of this speech was one that I loved. Watching President Trump walk out while “I’m Proud To Be An American” plays in the background is truly a beautiful thing. The crowd was already standing and gave an applause that clearly touched President Trump. This was not a crowd of whites. This was not a crowd of bigots or racists. This was a crowd of people of all ethnicities. All Genders and all walks of life. Throughout the speech, “USA, USA, USA” rang out multiple times. “Lock her up” chants roared when Hilary’s name was mentioned.

    Trump’s speech proves that the man that campaigned is the same man that we have in office. He doesn’t care about how past Presidents have acted. He is going to continue his fight against the media. He is going to continue his fight to keep America safe. We finally have a President who will stand behind law enforcement. We finally have a President who cares about doing things not for his image but for the betterment of America. “The Wall will be built,” he said. “Obamacare will be fixed,” he said. These things are slowly beginning to become a reality. He gave this speech to let America know Trump isn’t going anywhere. He gives these speeches as a way to directly communicate with the general public. He uses these speeches to continue to bring our country together.

    Overall his speech was a reassurance to many Americans who have had to deal with the backlash over him being President. Through the negative press, riots, and attempts at censorship of conservative views, this is his way of telling us he is not backing down. This was a way for him to look the lefties in the eye and say “You put up a fight but we are still winning”. I encourage people from both sides to listen to his 50-minute speech in its entirety. You may love it, you may hate it but I still feel it is very important to listen too.


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