A message to Donald Trump: Dont bar the media, let them embarrass themselves

    I completely understand President Trump’s frustration with the media. They have been attacking him nonstop since he announced his run for the presidency and they have used poor journalism as their vehicle to attack him. They use unknown sources, leave facts out and fail to print the success of his administration. We have seen this with their coverage of Sweden, Paris, Russia, his meetings with foreign governments and Islamic terror. This would frustrate anyone due to the fact it is making his ability to run this country that much harder. Due to this, I have backed many of the President’s actions against the media. Attempting to tackle them head on and making sure that they can’t get away with bad journalism.

    News broke from multiple sources that The White House barred CNN, New York Times, Politico and Buzz Feed from their untelevised press conference while some conservative sites were allowed access. Now it is important that we don’t overreact to this like many will. He is not doing a complete media blackout or stripping any of these organizations of their White House credentials. This was the President taking another shot at the mainstream media and furthering his war against them. In a war that he has fought perfectly up to this point, he has made his first small error. That error comes in how this move is going to be perceived. When President Trump allows the media to cover him people realize how bad the coverage is. Multiple polls have shown the lack of trust the American public has for the media so these poorly crafted stories are only going to gain traction with those that want to believe them. The President’s barring of the media gives them a narrative to run with. It allows them to print headline after headline bashing him. It allows editorial after editorial attempting to compare him to the Anti-Christ himself. This gives them actual ammunition to fire at the President. He will give them ammunition to have a legitimate case against him.

    President Trump needs to continue his fight against the media but that can’t include barring them from events such as these. He needs to let the media cover what they want and give them the same clearance they have enjoyed under every other President. So my message to President Trump is don’t put too much energy into embarrassing the media because they do a great job of doing it on their own.

    Below is part of CNN’s coverage if you wish to hear it from their perspective

    [wpvideo ma46HcxS]

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