Roman Catholicism is the radical lefties newest target

Roman Catholicism has become the radical lefties newest target. Now, this isn’t a shocking new thing. Over the past 5-10 years slowly we all saw this coming. Whether it was the taking of Jesus out of the school system, misrepresenting what the bible says or attempting to cast all Priests as pedophiles, the left has had a strong hand in the blackening of Roman Catholics worldwide. The video I am about to show you further bring this issue to the forefront.


This video disturbs the hells out of me and shows me the hypocrisy of the radical lefties. It is the complete disrespecting of ones religion. I can only imagine the backlash if this happened to any other religion. For a group that is all about acceptance and helping people they sure don’t act like it. The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world. It has been estimated that the Catholic Church provides 50% of America’s social services every year. They serve millions annually and that is just what they do in America. Everyday Catholics travel the globe to help people in poorer regions. Millions of dollars go from everyday Catholic’s pockets to these war-torn countries. These donations go to people of every race, religion, and social standing. Yet somehow the church is the group that gets attacked. Somehow they are the enemy. You can say anything you want about the church without batting an eye, but if you attack groups that the radical lefties support you are some kind of monster. When you hear someone say “I’m not surprised it’s a Priest molesting these children”, no one disagrees. But, when someone says “I’m not surprised an Islamic extremist was behind that attack”, the response is that you are a racist and an Islamaphobe. This is where I see the hypocrisy.

Now don’t mistake is the intent of my article. This article is not to take anything away from the Muslim religion. This is not by any means claiming that all Muslims are bad. Islam in its base form is a beautiful thing. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all are based off many of the same principles. It’s when these people of these religions turn radical that the issues arrive. Right now Radical Islam is the biggest threat. What I am trying to bring to attention is that the true issue is with the radical lefties constant defense of radical Islam. They are backing up countries that treat women worse than dogs, applaud the killing of westerners and want nothing more than radical Islamic ideals to rule the world. Stop protecting the radicals and promote people who want to do good, regardless of their religious beliefs. Stop using political correctness as a bullying tactic because it isn’t going to work anymore. We are going to stand for our beliefs and make sure everybody sees the hypocrites you all really are.

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