Witches cast spell on Trump and his supporters

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo60Y1L7ib0]

    The video above is a gathering of Witches in front of Trump Tower. They gathered there to cast a spell on Trump and his supporters. This is just the beginning of what they are calling a nationwide occult effort to remove Trump from office. The ritual they took place in was quite freaky. The scene was something out of a horror movie. We saw witches casting a spells, fire and a lady with a mirror trying to deflect the black magic back at them. These people are low life citizens who respect no one and can care less about America as a whole. They are doing this as a publicity stunt to attempt to bring more business to their witchcraft. Now I’m not going to say that I believe in the rituals that these Witches partake in but history does tell us that the attempt to contact spirits never really ends well. We have seen that at the end of many great nations they began to partake in witchcraft and satanic rituals trying to save themselves. I want to share this video not because I have any belief in this witchery but to point out just how crazy some of these people are. To make sure we call out this occult movement wherever it pops up and make sure it can do no damage to our society.

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