CNN pushes misleading story of former Army Vet being deported

CNN published a story titled ‘US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico’

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Here is the first paragraph of the story.

A US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

The deportation follows an earlier decision by US authorities to deny Miguel Perez’s citizenship application because of a felony drug conviction, despite his service and the PTSD he says it caused.

Of course, they bury the truth further into the story.

In 2010, he was convicted in Cook County, Illinois, on charges related to delivering more than 2 pounds of cocaine to an undercover officer. He was sentenced to 15 years and his green card was revoked. He had served half his sentence when ICE began deportation proceedings. He had been in the agency’s custody since 2016.

Perez has said he was surprised to be in ICE detention and mistakenly believed that enlisting in the Army would automatically give him US citizenship, according to his lawyer, Chris Bergin. His retroactive application for citizenship was denied earlier this month. While there are provisions for expediting troops’ naturalization process, a main requirement is that the applicant demonstrate “good moral character,” and the drug conviction was enough to sway the decision against his application, Bergin said.

This is extreme media malpractice. This former vet was caught attempting to sell two pounds of cocaine that he likely got from Mexico. The fact that he should obtain citizenship after committing a crime like that is ridiculous. I certainly feel bad that he served our country and is now being deported but the blame is not on Trump or ICE. The military should never have let an illegal alien serve and Perez should have been on the right side of the law so he could become a U.S Citizen.

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