Former President Jimmy Carter defends Trump on Mueller, North Korea

In an interview on NBC Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter defended Donald Trump on a host of issues.


Former President Jimmy Carter told CBS’ “Sunday Morning” that he would prefer that President Donald Trump not be impeached.

“My own preference would be that he not be impeached, but that he be able to serve out his term, because I think he wants to do a good job,” Carter said. “And I’m willing to help him, if I can help him, and give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Carter stressed that “I have confidence in the American system of government. I think ultimately the restraints on a president from the Congress and from the Supreme Court will be adequate to protect our nation, if he serves a full term.”

The former president said that he thinks Trump “will serve a full term unless the special investigator, Mr. Mueller, brings some criminal charges against him.”

Carter added that it is time for Mueller to make a decision one way or another.

“I think Mueller’s been very successful in keeping his cards close to his vest and not revealing any plans,” the former president said. “But my wish is that Mr. Mueller would go ahead and make a decision, even if it’s not anything personally that President Trump has done to violate the law; then I think he ought to make that obvious. And if he has violated the law, that ought to be revealed as well.”

Carter said that he would be willing to go to Pyongyang to help if the president wanted him to do so.

This is an extremely objective take from President Carter. He could have very easily jumped on the leftist bandwagon and bash Trump over nothing but nonsense. Instead, he gave him credit where feels Trump deserves credit. He also had an interesting take on the Mueller investigation. It seems that Carter agrees with the right in saying his investigation needs to be wrapped up soon. This showcases that he feels none of what has been made public leads to any collusion case.

Carter wasn’t all praise, however. he also attacked the hiring of John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor claiming it was ‘the worst mistake’.

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