Jimmy Carter calls Trump an “illegitimate” president

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Former President Jimmy Carter said that President Trump is an “illegitimate” President put in by Russia. Former President Carter says he believes President Trump is an “illegitimate” president.https://t.co/TyVCJQ2TG3 — Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) June 28, 2019 NEW: Former president Jimmy Carter says a full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016….He […]


Former President Jimmy Carter defends Trump on Mueller, North Korea

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In an interview on NBC Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter defended Donald Trump on a host of issues. Newsmax: Former President Jimmy Carter told CBS’ “Sunday Morning” that he would prefer that President Donald Trump not be impeached. “My own preference would be that he not be impeached, but that he be able to serve out his […]