Alt-Left extremists responsible for over 2000 crimes at G20

According to a Die Welt report, Alt-Left extremists committed over 2000 crimes during January 1st to July 31st.

Excerpt from Breitbart: 

A new commission report from the German Special Police (SOKO) claims that far-left extremists committed over 2,000 crimes at and before the Hamburg G20 including acts of vandalism and violence.

Hamburg police organised the special commission six weeks ago to look into far-left extremists and potential crimes they may have committed from January 1st until July 31st. The commission, which is comprised of around 170 officers, has shown that violent, far-left extremists have been thought to be responsible for over 2,000 crimes during this period, Die Welt reports.

The most numerous of the crimes listed in the report are those relating to property damage with 575 individual cases under investigation. These are followed by 330 cases of bodily injury or assault, 303 cases of breaching the peace, 123 cases of arson, and 45 cases of resisting a police officer for a total of 2,036 cases under investigation.

More from Breitbart….

Editor in chief of Die Welt Ulf Poschardt compared the black-clad Antifa rioters to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s blackshirts saying: “Their black costume reveals that their aesthetic is inspired by Mussolini’s black shirts. They act like fascists.”

Last week, authorities shut down the largest far-left website Indymedia.linksunten which brought protest from left-wing supporters over ideas of free speech.

Many pointed out the site had been used to not only plan and call for violence but also had instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and had published addresses and other personal information of right-wing politicians and activists with the intent of seeing them harmed.

I am not surprised by these findings at all. Left-wing terror groups are far bigger and becoming far more violent than their right-wing counter parts. Its simple, violence is not acceptable on either side. The idea that the media only covers one side allows the other groups to grow. These protestors were compared to Mussolini’s blackshirts and their one goal was to cause harm to right-wing activists. This group should have been covered by everybody in the media just like right-wing terror groups are. Sadly, this group was allowed to grow and committed over 2,000 crimes in less than 8 months.

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