Will China Move To Take Taiwan?

The Biden Administration’s weakness led to Russia making a move into Ukraine.

Experts are now warning China is watching and it could impact if they move for Taiwan.

From Fox News:

Top foreign policy experts told Fox News Digital Thursday that China is “watching” to see how the U.S. and its Western allies handle Russian aggression against Ukraine and whether there is “any sign of weakness.”

“They have done the calculus as to what this would ‘cost them’ if they were to move against Taiwan. And they are getting more data points now looking at what the West is doing now vis-à-vis Russia,” said Heino Klinck, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia during the Trump administration.

“It will inform and potentially shape Chinese decision-making,” he continued in reference to the U.S. response in Eastern Europe. “Any sign of weakness…will be taken into account by the Chinese.”

But Isaac Stone Fish, CEO of Strategy Risks, a China-focused risk firm, told Fox News he disagrees with this calculus.

“I think in some ways it’s the opposite,” Stone Fish, who focuses on issues involving U.S.-China national security, said, adding that China could interpret increased military involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as opportune timing.

“They would calculate that the United States is unlikely to go to war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan at the same time. The more involved the United States gets in the Ukraine crisis from a military perspective, the more it incentivizes China to act now,” he added.

This happened earlier today:

9 Chinese Air Force Planes Enter Air Defence Zone

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