The Inflation Crisis Is Worse Than They Are Telling You–Here Is What Is Really Going On

The media doesn’t want you focusing on inflation.

Sure, they will report on it but they will never explain to you how bad it really is.

Luckily, Tucker Carlson is willing to talk about it.

He brought on Peter Schiff to explain how bad the inflation crisis really is.

From Schiff Gold: 

Carlson opened up the interview pointing out that it’s very obvious the inflation rate is not 7%. It’s much higher than that and it costs more than 7% more to live in the US than it did last year. Why is this not front-page news everywhere?

Peter said it’s because the government, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve all have a vested interest in keeping the public from understanding how bad inflation is.

In fact, one of the ways the Fed has been able to justify creating more inflation is because they claimed we didn’t have enough of it. But the only reason we didn’t have enough of it is because they were relying on their own highly rigged CPI.”

As Peter pointed out, the CPI wasn’t always this dishonest. The government changed the CPI calculation in the 1990s in order to understate the actual cost of living.

When they compare our inflation rates to the inflation of the 1970s, we’re not using the same CPI that we used then.”

The annualized rate of inflation in 2021 based on the CPI stands at 7.3%.

If we were using the same CPI we used in 1982, the rate would be closer to 15%, which means it’s the worst year in inflation in US history.”

The previous high water mark for inflation was 13.5% in 1980.

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WATCH The Full Segment:

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