HERE WE GO: Omicron On Pace To ‘Massively Disrupt’ Pro Sports–Despite NO Confirmed Deaths From Variant In US

The global elite will never let us go back to normal.

Axios just wrote an article titled “Omicron threatens to massively disrupt sports world.”

From Axios:

Why it matters: These recent disruptions may portend a fifth wave of the pandemic, spurred on by the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

NBA: The Bulls on Monday became the first NBA team to have games postponed this season (today against the Pistons, Thursday against the Raptors) as they deal with an outbreak that’s already landed 10 players in COVID protocols.

NHL: The league on Monday postponed Calgary’s next three games after six players and a staffer landed in protocols. The Flames join the Senators and Islanders as the third team this season with a postponement.

NFL: A record 37 players tested positive on Monday after a weekend that saw at least a dozen other players miss games due to COVID protocols.

It is almost like another lockdown is coming…We will hope not.

Zero Hedge pointed out the lunacy of this: 

With the emerging spread of the hyper-transmissible yet mildly symptomatic Omicron strain of Covid-19, policymakers have gone back to their ‘plague’ playbook of masks, vaccination campaigns, lockdowns and other measures despite an absolute dropoff in case fatality rates in regions hit early by the latest variant.

To this point, there are ZERO confirmed deaths from Omicron in the United States and only one worldwide. 

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