Report: Trump White House focused on keeping Republican majority in House

A new report from The Hill outlines how the Trump White House is focusing in on keeping the majority in the House this November.

The Hill:

President Trump wants to step up efforts to protect Republican control of the House in hopes of avoiding an impeachment debate and congressional investigations if Democrats seize the chamber, according to GOP sources.

“It is super important to the White House, and really the whole White House is very focused on it,” said a source familiar with strategy talks about protecting the House majority.

“The president is expected to dial up efforts in this regard during and after the August recess,” the source added.

Democrats need to a net gain of 23 seats to take back The House. The Cook Political Report claims that eight GOP held seats are likely or leaning toward Democrats, and 22 more as toss-ups. Even with these predictions, this won’t be a cakewalk for the Democrats. They would need to win all of the ones that are likely or leaning Democrat and also need more than half of the Toss Up Races. This is where the call for impeachment and gun control might come back to hurt the Democrats.

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