WOW!: Rep. DANA ROHRABACHER says Russia-Trump collusion narrative is a “Total con job” claims email leak was an “inside job”

In a stunning interview with Sean Hannity, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claims the Russia-Trump narrative is 99% false.

Sean: “Do you believe that this Russia-Trump collusion narrative will be proven false and do you believe he(Assange) holds the key”

Dana: “The answer is absolutely yes and I think this Russian narrative you’re talking about this idea this unrelenting sinister story about how Trump colluded with the Russians in order to steal the election is a total con job, it’s a fraud and it’s masking a power grab because what they are doing is they’re trying to undermine the power of the person the voter’s voted for”

Now, this exchange√ā¬†continued but this was the biggest part of the interview.


This is not all the big news from Dana earlier today CNN covered his comments on Sean Hannity’s radio show:

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said Monday that a “rendezvous” is being set up between him and President Donald Trump to relay information he received from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the hack of the Democratic National Committee last year.

Rohrabacher, who is considered to be among the most pro-Russia members in Congress, met with Assange earlier this month and claims Assange told him that Russia was not involved in the hacking. Rohrabacher said after the meeting that he wanted to brief Trump on what Assange told him. Appearing on the Sean Hannity radio show Monday afternoon, the California congressman said that meeting was in the process of being set up.

“It is my understanding from other parties who are trying to arrange a rendezvous with myself and the President, it is being arranged for me to give him the firsthand information from (Assange),” Rohrabacher said.

Earlier in the interview, Rohrabacher said evidence he saw painted the Democratic National Committee hack being an “inside job,” a claim Rohrabacher has made before.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an unclassified report in January revealing the conclusions from the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency that the Russian government was behind the hack of the DNC.

“If the information comes out, there will be an outrage among the American people that their time has been wasted,” Rohrabacher said. “They’ve had this story over and over and again shoved down their throats as if the Russians colluded with Donald Trump, and this is an attempt, as I say, to negate their vote in the ballot booth. When the American people realize that this is a con job and a power grab they’ll be upset.”

“I’m trying to get this out in the public now where we can get this Julian Assange thing straightened out so that people know that it wasn’t the Russians that hacked into the system, and that’s not how this information was released,” he said.

The Russian Narrative has been on life support for months and these stunning new revelations might pull the plug on it for good.

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