WOW: Ted Cruz Blasts McConnell Over Short-Term Spending Bill–“Schumer Was On The Verge Of Surrender”

11 RINOs voted with the Dems and McConnell on the Debt increase bill.

11 RINOS Vote With Dems On Debt Increase Bill

Now, we have this.

GOP Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted McConnell saying that “Schumer was on the verge of surrender” and McConnell gave him a lifeline.

From Dallas News:

The deal cut by Senate leaders Thursday to extend Washington’s credit line by $480 billion – delaying until Dec. 3 the possibility of a catastrophic default that could crash the world economy – did not sit well with Sen. Ted Cruz.

He even mounted an unsuccessful filibuster in hopes of quashing that deal Thursday night, after blasting Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for freeing Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrats from the corner Republicans painted them into by blocking any easy path toward raising the federal debt ceiling.

“Schumer was on the verge of surrender. And unfortunately, the deal that was put on the table was a lifeline for Schumer. And I disagree with that decision,” Cruz said. “The strategy was exactly right. And for two months, Republicans were completely unified.”

Trump also blasted McConnell saying that he folded to the Democrats.

“Mitch McConnell Is Folding To The Democrats”–Trump Calls Out Mitch McConnell Over Debt Proposal

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