A Poll from Zogby Analytics found that 76% of business owners think that the economy will grow next year but claim Democrats support business more.

Washington Examiner:

“At the moment, the economy of the United States is humming, though there are many problems that lurk ahead, such as a recession, interest rate hikes, and an untoward amount of federal debt. But right now consumers are confident and the psychology of financial markets is one that has a positive outlook,” added the analysis. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 9.47.20 AM.png

The poll, however, revealed an unexpected quirk: Despite the GOP tax cuts that have helped businesses, the executives prefer Democrats in the upcoming midterm congressional elections and also believe that Democrats are better for business.

Some 47 percent plan to vote for Democratic candidates, versus 34 percent for Republicans. 

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Here is how the support by business broke down:

Large: 43%

Medium: 56%

Small: 43%

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