Spokesperson: Prosecutors that left Mueller team, didn’t leave due to ‘political bias’

According to special counsel spokesperson Peter Carr, Prosecutors Ryan Dickey and Brian Richardson, who left the Mueller probe didn’t leave due to ‘political bias’.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel, declined to explain on Thursday what the departures mean for the state of Mueller’s office.

Over this summer, as Mueller opened more criminal cases, other Justice Department units including the US Attorney’s Office in Washington and the National Security Division have begun to work on the court action, wedging the cases deeper into the Justice Department’s portfolio.

Carr said that neither Dickey nor Richardson left the office because of political allegations, the appearance of bias or any other wrongdoing.

Although Carr refused to come out and say it this could be a sign that Mueller’s probe is coming to an end. Mueller cast a wide net trying to investigate as much as possible and now seems to be coming to a conclusion on his investigation.

It is also notable that Ryan Dickey was an expert in cyber crimes and was looking into who hacked the DNC’s server.

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