WATCH: CIA Director Mike Pompeo destroys Leon Panetta over Donald Trump tweets

At the Reagan National Defense Forum Current CIA Director Mike Pompeo destroyed former CIA director Leon Panetta over Donald Trump’s tweets.



Mike Pompeo didn’t fall into the trap that Panetta set up. Here they are.

1. Praises Pompeo:

Panetta begins his rant by praising Mike Pompeo. Panetta talks about how happy he is that Pompeo has gotten Donald Trump to “read intelligence reports” he claims it was “something he was worried about”.  This was a jab at Donald Trump while praising Pompeo. Panetta is claiming that the only reason Donald Trump reads intelligence reports is because of Pompeo. Any person with common sense knows this isn’t true. Donald Trump might be skeptical of the intelligence agencies(which he said so) but with his people in power, he has complete trust in them.

2. Tries to put Pompeo in a tough spot:

Notice the Tweet that Panetta brings up. He doesn’t bring up the tweets threatening North Korea. He doesn’t bring up the tweets about him calling out Islamic Terror. He doesn’t bring up the tweets about his great relationship with Xi Jinping. Or the tweets of him bringing the major issues facing Europe that the media fails to report. He brings up three Donald Trump retweets. The three tweets were from Britain First member Jayda Fransen. One of the tweets has been disproven. The other two, however, were an accurate representation of radical Islam in The Middle East. This put Pompeo in a very tough position. The retweets by Donald Trump weren’t the smartest due to the nature of Britain First but of course, the media overplayed their hand on it. Pompeo is now forced to defend those tweets or bash the President.

Luckily Pompeo outsmarts him:

As Pompeo accurately points out Donald Trump’s Twitter isn’t the cause of issues worldwide. The issues have been their long before Trump was President. These issues were around long before Trump’s Twitter account existed. He also took it a step further. He commented on how the Presidents Twitter has actually helped in certain cases.

Good job Director Pompeo. The establishment is doing all they can to make Trump look foolish and it is backfiring.

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